So, today I finally received money that had long been overdue to me – and I couldn’t be happier!! It got me to thinking though, would others have given up? Let me take you through my story:-

Last April, I was made redundant (like a lot of other people) and because of Covid-19 I found it impossible to find another position at very short notice. That is when I threw all my energy into starting my new business TLC Virtual Assistant (, of which I am very proud.

Anyway, back in April the business I was working for went into liquidation-hence being made redundant and I was advised to claim redundancy money from the Redundancy Payment Services, a government run department, which I duly did. Amazingly within 12 weeks I had been paid some redundancy money. At the time I was delighted, as I really didn’t know where my next pound was going to come from to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. That is until it was pointed out to me that I should have in fact received a protective award due to not receiving notice of my imminent redundancy and holiday pay during that period. I had to fill in copious amounts of forms and past everything to the liquidators for them to process a protective award claim and was hopeful of a swift outcome. The paperwork had to be passed to a judge for agreement that I was in fact eligible for the protective award and I was told this would take a few months and that in reality I may have wait 6 months before any money due would be paid. Six months came and went. Time continued to move on and I heard nothing, Unfortunately, during the liquidation process, the original liquidators were found to be acting in their own best interests rather than the staff that had been working for the business. They were some months later replaced with a different firm of liquidators. So, as you can imagine that added to an already lengthy time period!

At some stage (I forget exactly when), I was informed that the judge was unable to review the protective award application, due to the backlog of court applications caused by Covid 19, I wondered at this stage whether it was really worth it – after all I had no idea how much money I might be due and if it was only a few pounds, all this to-ing and fro-ing was causing me stress and giving me sleepless nights. I didn’t want to rely on the money I might receive, but goodness me, I needed it! Anyway, I stuck it out and in June the judge passed judgement that I was due a protective award. By this stage I was past hoping that I would receive anything; you see, on top of all the waiting, I was informed that if you have claimed benefits (which I had) these are taken into account when any redundancy payment services monies are processed, I was under the impression that the benefits I had received would cancel out any money I might be due from the protective award.

This morning however, I finally received my payment! It was a significant enough amount too – not thousands and thousands, but a great amount for me! It means that my business can update a few bits (new stationery, business cards, a printer!!). I can stop living hand to mouth each month, worrying whether my clients will pay me on time and concentrate on growing my business so that I am never in this position again.

It’s hard to believe that it took 16 months to actually receive what I was owed – but I think it is proof that you should never give up. It’s my new mantra “Don’t stop fighting, things will happen with perseverance – A LOT of perseverance!”

May I just finish this blog with a request?! If you require help with your bookkeeping, admin, copy writing, blogging, HR or any other business assistance/advice, then please do get in touch. Help me make good use of my newly found funds and my new mantra of “don’t stop fighting”, by helping me to grow my business. My email address is

Published by TLC Virtual Assistant "full time assistance with a part time bill!"

I am the owner of TLC Virtual Assistant. I have been trading since April 2019. I live in Somerset with my husband, son who is 9 years old and cat named Harry! I have worked in various industries including the NHS, Education, Law and medical supplies. I now concentrate all of my energies on offering a well rounded Virtual Assistant support to businesses across the UK.

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