Eight weeks until the children go back to school! (Are you counting down?)

So…. how are we all feeling about the idea of the children going back to school in September (all being well)?

I for one have been thinking about it rather a lot. Am I pleased that there is light at the end of the tunnel? Of course I am! I will be able to spend the vast majority of the day earning money, making a living and growing my business for the benefit of my family. Isn’t it weird that this year (the strangest of years), at the end of the Summer Term instead of seeing 7 weeks of holiday looming, ominously ahead of us, I choose to see the light at the end of that deep, dark tunnel, caused by Covid-19. At the beginning of September, those of us with school age children, will be able to get back to some sort of routine, become much more productive and partake in all those things we have been missing for so long, those things which were normal pre Covid-19. The most exciting thing for me will be adding to my client base with a handful of new clients who are due to come on board in the next few weeks, driving my business forward, developing it, putting strategic development at the forefront of my mind and generally throwing myself into my business.

BUT, on the other hand………I am going to miss that closeness we, as a family, have been able to experience, without the threat of work interruptions (although there have inevitably still been a few!), the family time, the precious moments – the memory building. All of this, we have had in bucket loads and I firmly believe my family is stronger and healthier for it. How am I going to feel when, once again, my son’s school (as lovely as it is) takes over influencing and nurturing my child for the vast majority of the day? Not seeing his happy face all day every day is going to be strange at first. That young person looking to me for guidance and boundaries, fun and games, walking and cycling, nourishment and health. How is it going to feel? Somehow it has been all too easy to slip into a routine of being together all of the time and soon that will be taken away.

Will the copious amount of precious time given to us due to Covid-19, make me appreciate the evenings and weekends more? I do hope so, although I fear by this time next year we will all be back into our work/school/home routines and slowly but surely Covid-19 and all that came with it, will become a memory and as such, our new found appreciation of this “2020 norm” will slowly vanish too.


What is a Virtual Assistant (or VA for short)?

Wikipedia would describe a VA boringly as a person who is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. 

OH HECK! I hear you all groan, B-O-R-I-N-G!

Well………I would describe a VA as a resource that so many businesses could utilise but fail to do so!  I want to sing the praises of VA’s everywhere, who do an amazing job helping businesses all over the world, by not only providing a professional administrative, technical or creative service, but saving businesses a HUGE amount of money!

The thing with a VA is they don’t cost you the usual phenomenal amount of money required to recruit someone full or part time into your business.  They are self-employed and as such don’t incur the on costs you would normally have when hiring someone (NI contributions, pension costs, holiday entitlement etc etc). You basically pay for what you use, be that 1 hour a month or 100 hours a month.  Some VA’s will require a minimum retainer, others are happy to work ad-hoc. There are many to choose from, so find the right fit for you! So………..what’s stopping you – get out there and look for a VA who is the perfect fit for your business and see just what they can bring to the table for you.  I have no doubt you will be impressed and surprised at how much a VA can offer.  TLC VA for instance offers admin support, HR support, Finance support and much more besides!