Holiday to France

We have just arrived back from France – well 2 days ago at least. We were asked to fill in a Public Health Locator form, but have been lucky enough not to need to self isolate for 14 days. Should we have gone? Was it a risk worth taking? Personally, I think it was, but completely understand that some people may think otherwise.
Just look at this view, what a beautiful country France is – this was in a place called Sumene where our ancestors originate from (late 1400’s) and is one of the many places visited during our visit. We stayed at a friends house in Montpeyroux and maintained social distancing whilst out and about. So were we wrong to go? I believe my family’s mental health was truly assisted, to get away and experience the world once again and to feel the warmth of foreign climates was definitely a great thing for us. Easyjet were very careful with social distancing, everyone wore masks/face coverings (delete as appropriate!!) throughout the flight (these masks made courtesy of my mother!) and snacks could only be purchased by card. Unfortunately upon our return we had to wear surgical masks as this was a new regulation brought in by the French authorities, but mum’s masks made appearances throughout the holiday.

Only time will tell I suppose, if we were right to go – 14 days until there will be no chance of a call from Public Health England (if anyone tests positive for Covid-19, who was on out flight). I am a strong believer in wearing your face-covering and washing your hands regularly. Let my family be the “guinea-pig” if you like………maybe we can be proof that travel is OK during this pandemic, if you follow the procedures issued by the government of you own country and/or the country you visit.

Anyway, we’re back now and we’re ready to get back into full swing with TLC Virtual Assistant with a clear and refreshed mind – Vive La France!!

Published by TLC Virtual Assistant "full time assistance with a part time bill!"

I am the owner of TLC Virtual Assistant. I have been trading since April 2019. I live in Somerset with my husband, son who is 9 years old and cat named Harry! I have worked in various industries including the NHS, Education, Law and medical supplies. I now concentrate all of my energies on offering a well rounded Virtual Assistant support to businesses across the UK.

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